Thanks for visiting my site. If you are unfamiliar with my work, here's a very brief background of my professional career as a drummer; 

Drumming has always been a passion of mine so when moving to London in 1989 I decided to study drums with Francis Seriau, founder and director of Drum Tech.

Very soon after moving there, I joined the garage band Spitfire, releasing ep's and albums on Eve & Fire records. This was my introduction into the world of touring and playing drums professionally.

In 1993 I left Spitfire as I was asked by Justine Frischmann to join Elastica. We signed with an independent label in the UK and Geffen records for the rest of the world, selling nearly two million records worldwide. We also toured extensively in Europe, North America, Japan and the UK. Elastica was part of the famous Lollapalooza and Big Day Out tours, as well as headlining Glastonbury and performing at many other festivals. At the time, our debut album was the fastest selling number one album in the UK. This opened many doors for me as a drummer, not only in the studio and live but also playing for TV and radio. 

I’m currently working with some close friends on a new exciting project called Piroshka.

Follow us @ Piroshkaband Twitter,Facebook & Instagram.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best producers, artists and bands in the business, such as;

Alan Moulder
Elastica, Smashing Pumpkins, Foals, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Interpol, Foo Fighters

U2, PJ Harvey, New Order, Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, Ministry

Ben Hillier
Elbow, Doves, Blur, Editors

John Leckie
The Stone Roses, New Order, The Fall

Marc Waterman
Ride, Are Weapons, Swervedriver

Nelly Hooper
Massive Attack, Bjork

Phil Vinall
Placebo, Pulp

Stephen Street
The Smiths, Blur, Morrissey

Steve Mackey
MIA, Jarvis Cocker, Florence & The Machine, Warpaint

Tom Rixton
Tom Vek


Elastica, Lush, Suede, Pulp, The Prodigy, Curve, Hawk House, Damon Albarn, Steven Duffy, Mark E Smith, Steve Malkmus, James Atkin, Me Me me, Alex James, Das Fensta, Piroshka,