With a wealth of experience, 8 years ago I decided to also become an online session drummer, this is how it works;

Send me a song you need live drums for, I record them, then send you back the files.
If your track has no drums, I can improvise. Alternatively, I can recreate a previous programmed drum track, giving your track the live feel it deserves, thus transforming your song from demo quality to one with an amazing sound and feel.

5 easy steps to recording your drum files

Step 1
Get in contact via the contact page

Step 2
Send your tracks to me and we can discuss the project

Step 3
Based on what we’ve discussed I will record a demo drum track for your project and send an unmixed version over to you for your approval.

Step 4
We discuss any necessary changes and I will record for you a second adjustment so the track is perfect

Step 5
You get the final files in a format that suits you
Once I’ve made any necessary changes to the track, you simply pay me and I send you the files in the format of your choice.

Please contact me for session rates.