Alan Moulder - producer
Justin is an inventive, tight and exciting drummer. He makes tracks come alive. His attitude and enthusiasm makes being in the studio a pleasure. Working with him is fun, what more can I say!

Miki Berenyi - Lush
When we decided to reform Lush, Justin was a shoo-in for drums – not just because he is an amazing talent, a brilliant team player and an all-round lovely bloke, but because he was sensitive to the emotional difficulties of restarting the band without Chris, who was a central pillar of Lush and a close and hugely missed friend. Emma, Phil and I hadn’t performed together for 20 years, and we relied massively on Justin’s drive, experience, professionalism and work ethic during the rehearsals. If a problem arose, he would solve it – whether that was finding cheap rehearsal space, programming backing tracks to beef up the sound, endlessly tweaking his playing to get the most out of the tracks or simply raising morale and making the entire experience a pleasure.

Justin also recorded some drum tracks that were used for the Blind Spot EP, entirely off his own bat. He loves to be creative – not to muscle in and make his mark, but because he becomes energetically involved in the music and wants to make it as great as it can be. Playing live with him is a joy – he has made a huge difference to the confidence and coherence of the band, and has become an integral part of Lush. A true gem!

Mat Osman - Suede
When our drummer Simon managed the near-impossible feat of contracting TB in 2013 we were left with three massive gigs to play and no drummer. Justin stepped into the breach, learned three completely different sets of songs, and three completely different setlists, in under a week. It was a daunting task – we’ve not played with a different drummer in over 20 years – but Justin took it all in his stride, with skill and enthusiasm, and the three gigs (which ranged from a 300-capacity club gig to a 20,000-plus festival) were excellent. We had a blast and the reaction from press and fans alike was overwhelmingly positive. He’s a pleasure to work with.

Hawk House

"Not only is Justin an amazing drummer who is versatile in styles, but he is an amazing person full of colour. The two elements is what makes WORKING with Justin such a PLEASURE.  Justin did all the live drumming in our most recent project and played the grooves exactly how we heard it in our heads, if not better.  Although none of us are drummers in Hawk house, Justin still gave us room to plot our own ideas for grooves and every now and then he would pitch his own. It was pretty much a team effort. Love this guy"

Peace and Love bro. 

Dave IDC - Corsair Records & Media
To say Justin Welch is “a drummer” is akin to calling Muhammad Ali “a boxer” or Lionel Messi “a footballer”. When Justin is behind the kit he exudes an effortless virtuosity shared only by the very best in any chosen field – he dances across the skins whilst his cymbal work teases audacious percussive symphonies from wood on metal. In Justin’s hands, drumsticks become sonic paintbrushes that produce the rhythmic equivalent of the visual arts of the Renaissance masters. 

In the words of Greg Wallace, “drumming doesn’t get better this….

Peter Lundy - songwriter
Justin recorded four songs of mine over two sessions and supplied tight, inventive grooves for all of them. The songs were diverse - from a Northern Soul foot stomper to a REM/Decembrists style rock track – but Justin showed an impressive knowledge of what these types of songs required in terms of feel and rhythm, and most importantly, he delivered.

At the end of the second session, being a cheeky so-and-so, I decided to play Justin a fifth song that we had not arranged to record. He listened to the song once through headphones then shouted over the talk back mic, ‘let’s do it’ before recording an excellent take of a song that I had not even paid for!

Working with Justin was fun, fast and he delivered fantastic results so give him a shout if you want your tunes to have some clout. 

Martin Rossiter - arranger, producer, solo artist/Gene
I got Justin in on a session I was producing and not only is he dead handsome, he plays pretty well too. 

Ralph Jezzard - Producer
Justin is one of the best and most versatile drummers I have ever worked with. But just as importantly he is a top bloke and always open to new ideas.

James Atkin - producer, songwriter & EMF
Justin is by far the best drummer I have ever worked with, anyone lucky enough to have his drumming skills on their productions will surely be very happy!! I will definitely be using his services in the near future.

Rob Swan - songwriter
What can I say about Justin?


If you need a session drummer, this guy is the man.

I’ve worked with him on and off for a while now and his speed of response is staggering.
As a songwriter and producer you don’t want someone who is on the edge of the project.
The minute Justin gets involved he becomes the project.
Book him now!

Eva - song writer - Das Fenster
We worked with Justin to record drums on several tracks, he was professional and quick and supplied us with some really good creative grooves with choices of drum sounds etc.

The whole thing was well recorded – exactly what we wanted. Thoroughly recommend him.

Pablo Cook - producer musician
I have Known Justin for nearly twenty years during which time he has played on various projects both live and recording, on each session Justin displayed amazing energy along side impeccable timing, a master with a click track, but with the looseness of Keith Moon. These qualities are hard to find in drummers but Justin has them all.

As a producer I often called upon Justin to play some quite obscure and rare rhythms, and he was always quick to listen to reference and carry out the given task. His technical knowledge is amazing and is one of the very few drummers whom I call Looptronic. 

I’m still using Justin as one of my key players, and its great having him online to call upon.

Devin Kamin - artist
Justin, thanks again for playing drums on my track… Im mixing right now & you helped make it the way I always heard it in my head!… Oh, & thanks for being so super nice!…”

JB - songwriter
I’d highly recommend Justin to anyone, whether you have an idea in mind or need someone to bring their own style.

He brings life to the track which makes a great foundation for a recording. Excellent timing, sympathetic to the song and a very nice sounding range of drums! He got to grips with the track with lightning pace, if only all musicians were this efficient!

Justin’s a top guy, easy to get along with and very professional.

Jay Taylor - songwriter/musician
I had the pleasure of working with Justin on some of my music and let me say, he absolutely nailed it. He understood my basic instructions and took developed my ideas into something much better. Would have no hesitation in using Justin’s services again.

Stephan Versini - songwriter/musician
I’ve had the privilege of working with Justin on the recording of a full-length album. This process took about a month of recording sessions, several times a week. This experience has gone way beyond my highest expectations, and I really couldn’t have dreamt better. Justin was able to give life to the project, with his creativity, vision and style.

Technically, he is a top drummer, able to play complex rhythms and fills, while staying as precise as a metronome, even at furious tempos. His skills and drum sounds are absolutely mind-blowing.

Artistically, he is always willing to try wicked and fresh ideas, that are always best suited for a particular track, with the experienced ear of a real professional.

Then, as a person, Justin is one of the nicest and coolest person I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

One thing that is definitely a plus, is the fact that Justin works with a great engineer to help him record the drum tracks, in the person of Tim Cotterell. Tim does an incredible job setting up different recording mics, monitoring recordings, and arranging studio sessions. Tim also delivers the different audio files in perfect timing, in the format and sample rate requested, and with the highest quality of sound….

Barbara Wilson - jazz musician
I met Justin in 2010, when he kindly agreed to help our band out of a fix, by standing in for our regular drummer. We are a ten-piece band that plays both Dixieland jazz and big band arrangements, and Justin fitted in right from the start – nothing phased him. He had a great sound, got on well with everyone and certainly kept us in line (rhythmically speaking!). He has been able to help us out of several more fixes since then and we appreciate his support. We feel privileged to have Justin play with us, as he’s a busy musician. For example, we were very aware (and highly amused ) that after playing with us at one of our gigs in a small Devon village he was jetting off the following week to do his next performance in St Petersburg!